Three Changes that Pack a Big Impact: Bathroom

by | Feb 3, 2020

Welcome back to our series, where we will show you how three small design changes can make a BIG impact in any room. This month is about a very important room- the bathroom.

The bathroom is where you can get your inspiration. Ever been hit by a great idea while in the shower? Point proven! The bathroom is also a safe space, where you don’t need to worry about how you look, and you can unwind from the stresses of each day with a nice bubble bath. If you’re updating your home with a view to sell, studies have shown that minor bathroom changes can provide a 102% return on investment!  Clearly, having a bathroom that you can enjoy and that looks good is worth it!

However, having a modern and elegant bathroom doesn’t need to be an expensive project! Here are three changes that will elevate your bathroom but will not empty your wallet.

bathroom renovation

Cabinets & Fixtures

These details can be the focus of attention of any bathroom, so just changing this can create a whole new look. As mentioned in the last article, if you cannot replace them, there are smaller changes that you can make to make your cabinets look beautiful, such as repainting them.   

Since bathrooms are usually not connected to the remainder of the home, this is your chance to play with colour and add some pizazz without clashing with your other décor.


The vanity is the first thing anyone notices when they enter a bathroom. Because it can be both decorative and functional, it is a worthwhile splurge.

There are various types of vanities available such as double-bowled sinks or a single sink. Figure out what you actually need before shopping and be sure to talk to a professional. Find out what kind of shape you would like your sink to be and if you have the space. There are also various types of materials used for sinks, so make sure you know what kind of look you want.  From a wooden bowl for a rustic look or a sleek and modern glass bowl, the possibilities are endless.

Remember that the sink needs to be attractive and useful.

bathroom renovation
bathroom renovation

Bathroom Lighting

Make sure to have as much natural lighting as possible in your bathroom. Daylight brightens your mood and helps regulate a sleep cycle. Why not try Top down, bottom up honeycomb blinds so that you can have both daylight and views with privacy?

Vanity lighting, a type of task lighting, requires special consideration in a bathroom setting because of the importance of illuminating the head and face for grooming. Vertical fixtures should be mounted on both sides of the mirror to cast an even light across the face.


Whether you are looking to make great changes or small to elevate your design, Lesley Wong Interiors would be more than happy to talk about your options.

LESLEY WONG, Principal Designer

Lesley is committed to continuously keeping up with ever-changing trends and technology. But as every decorator knows, there’s no greater opportunity for learning than on-the-job experience. Lesley has worked in hospitality, commercial and residential projects and enjoys crafting customized and beautiful environments for her clients.

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