Owner Spotlight: Lesley Wong

by | Jan 11, 2019

Nice to meet you!  I’m Lesley Wong, the proud owner of Lesley Wong Interiors.

I look forward to sharing my story and hope that you will enjoy getting to know me better.

While I was born in Scotland, I immigrated to Canada when I was young and went to school in Huntsville, Ontario. Interior design and decorating have been my passion since I was a little girl. I’ve always been drawn to beautiful and creative spaces. People laugh when I tell them my favorite memory was making furniture for my Barbie dolls.

I made it my goal to launch my company to take all that I’ve learned and share it with clients. I’m in business because I love design, and want to give clients the opportunity to love their space. We all see wonderful homes and hotels on TV and in magazines and want the same. With creative flair and resourcefulness, we can bring a space to life.

A Day in the Life of a Hotel Interior Designer

On average, I work in the office for eight hours, but I’m always looking, researching, and creating even outside the nine-to-five schedule.

The day starts with a review of each project. I want to keep on top of all developments and communicate these with my clients. This open discussion makes for a transparent process.

I love each opportunity to meet new clients. I learn what they want and need for their space. We talk about plans and dreams, and the excitement builds as we get creative about possibilities.

As a business owner and designer, there are so many decisions to make. Each day is different, with its own set of challenges. I feel accomplished when I’ve found a solution that goes beyond what is expected.

Interacting with clients is my favorite part of the job. The reactions to the completed spaces make it all worthwhile.

My love of travel and experience in the hotel industry has led me to specialize in hotel interior design.  I love working with hotel management to create spaces that their guests will rave about!  Our “Guest First Design Strategy” has been proven to increase hotel revenue and improve guest reviews. We have worked with brands such as Hilton and Choice hotels.

I attribute my success to my desire to please and a good work ethic. However, the support of my family and friends is where my strength lies. I’m a family-oriented person, so when not working, I love to entertain in my home.


Lesley Wong

LESLEY WONG, Principal Designer

Lesley is committed to continuously keeping up with ever-changing trends and technology. But as every decorator knows, there’s no greater opportunity for learning than on-the-job experience. Lesley has worked in hospitality, commercial and residential projects and enjoys crafting customized and beautiful environments for her clients.

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