How do Renovations Affect Guests and How to Minimize It

by | Nov 7, 2021

Does the word renovation give you a warm and fuzzy feeling? If so, that’s probably thanks to the legacy left by so many reality TV shows on the subject. Yes, the word renovation may conjure up in many people’s minds only a slightly stressful, but mostly fun and exciting, home renovation project. 

It may be true that home renovations can give the DIY enthusiast within all of us a welcome diversion. A hotel renovation, by contrast, is no such trivial event. Nobody would undertake such a project by choice.


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Facing the challenge

We would all avoid such disruption and upheaval if it were possible to do so, but the need to stay current and stay ahead of the competition dictates the action. Do you need to carry out major renovations to dozens, or perhaps even hundreds, of your hotel rooms? How can you do so and at the same time keep your guests happy? This will be a challenging logistics exercise, to say the least even if the proposed renovations are relatively minor.


The excitement that surrounds a hotel renovation has much more to do with the anticipation of the result than the painstaking process itself. The prospect of a complete facelift for the hotel and the euphorically positive feelings that transcend to staff and guests alike, upon completion, is something worth getting excited about.

Getting back to reality though, as a hotel owner you need to give serious thought in advance to how your proposed renovations will impact your guests. 

To close or not to close

One option to seriously consider, especially if the planned renovation project will be a major one, is to bite the bullet and shut down the property completely for the duration of the project.

This seems like a drastic step. But, if this temporary shut-down can be scheduled in a way that allows you to work around your busiest times, and especially peak season, then it might be a financially viable option.

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It can certainly be a difficult decision to close, but it may be the correct one. Your regular guests may have no choice but to go to competitors during the renovation period. If you do your marketing correctly you will keep your loyal guests informed via email about the progress of the renovations. The prospect of enjoying the improvements once they are complete will surely entice them to make a speedy return.

Minimizing disruption

If you decide to continue operating while undertaking renovations, how can you work the renovation schedule in such a way that it will not be a jarring experience for guests? Time management is the key and this must be forensically worked out with all team members ahead of time so that all are on the same page throughout.

 Some hotels have even gone as far as to calculate how noise will travel for each room renovation by building a model room and going through a whole sample renovation exercise beforehand. In this way, they can ensure there are no surprises or unexpected disruptions that may arise during the actual project. 

Hotel renovation requires careful planning and meticulous time management. At Lesley Wong Interiors we understand the unique challenges facing the hospitality industry when it comes to renovations and an interior design makeover. Book a call today to see how we can collaborate to meet your interior design needs.


LESLEY WONG, Principal Designer

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