“Checking-Out” Trends in Lobby Design

by | Nov 14, 2019

Once upon a time, a lobby was nothing more than a place to check-in and out, a place for waiting. 

A stroll through today’s modern hotel entrance will see more people than ever before. Remote professionals have found a quiet (but not too quiet) place to work, locals are enjoying a coffee with a friend and guests are enjoying a comfortable place to socialize. 

A well-designed lobby is key to your success.  You may think the design is insignificant, but studies show that guests vividly remember the aesthetic of a hotel lobby following their stay!

Here are two uses that your design should support.

hotel lobby design

 Lobbies that are extensions of the guestroom

Today’s guests don’t want to simply stay in their room.  They want to experience the entire hotel – including your lobby. Many travelers are actually spending more time in the lobby than in their rooms!  What does this mean for your design?  It means that while you still want the look to “wow”, incorporating comfortable furniture and neutral finishes shows that this is a place to be used.  If the lobbies of old were like a home’s living room (formal and untouched), today’s consumer wants a family room.

One hospitality executive noted that “the lobby is the new public square”.  Many major chains are adding coffee shops and other retail.  Design your hotel lobby so that your guests (and even locals) would prefer to stay there and spend there, instead of going elsewhere.

Millennials particularly want a memorable experience over a luxurious one, particularly one that reflects the specific community they’re visiting.  What kind of experience does your hotel lobby offer? 

 Lobbies that double as a workspace

Gone are the days of business centres hidden on a separate floor.  Today’s business traveler or remote worker wants to work where the action is – in your lobby!  Millennials especially value “working together, but alone”, meaning individual open workspaces can be designed to fit within a broader area to achieve that effect.

Additionally, your design means that your guest will have all of the technological components in place as they would in the office.  Charging stations are KEY – almost half of the respondents of one survey noted that they will stay longer and spend more in a hotel lobby if it means that they can charge their phone.

hotel lobby design

Another key point is that this is a place that today’s digital nomad sees your hotel lobby as a potential meeting place with clients.  Does yours offer a place for a quick meeting?  Is there a spot for a quiet phone call? 

The right design can create a lobby that hits all of these points.  Lesley Wong Interiors is perfect for your next renovation.  Our mix of residential and commercial design experience will ensure that your lobby is designed with commercial sensibilities in mind, but will feel like home.  If you are looking to modernize your hotel or commercial space, please reach out.  The team at Lesley Wong Interiors would love to talk about your needs. 

LESLEY WONG, Principal Designer

Lesley is committed to continuously keeping up with ever-changing trends and technology. But as every decorator knows, there’s no greater opportunity for learning than on-the-job experience. Lesley has worked in hospitality, commercial and residential projects and enjoys crafting customized and beautiful environments for her clients.

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