Designing Hotels in an Airbnb World

Airbnb has been around since 2008 and has changed the hospitality industry as we know it.  Some studies even suggest that many travelers who use Airbnb do not go back to staying at hotels!  Clearly, there is something there that hoteliers can imitate and adjust...


Spring into a New Design

Although we may be having rough times, I have to say it’s nice to see spring coming our way. Hearing the birds in the trees, enjoying the sunshine and seeing things come back to life after a long winter is exactly what we all need right now. Watching nature undergo...

Meeting the Challenges of Hotel Design (Part 2)

We wrote last month about how the right hotel design can improve your staff’s outlook and create a memorable guest experience, and of course, those are incredibly important.  However, we know that times are tough right now for the hospitality industry.  Hotels are...

Meeting the Challenges of Hotel Design (Part 1)

It goes without saying that owning a hotel has its challenges.  It is an enormous investment of your time, money and energy.  There are many moving pieces that must fit together to create a great guest experience.  There are no “off” days and keeping your guests...

Effective Use of Your Colour Scheme in Design

Whether we’re talking about connecting your brand colours to your design, or using pops of colour in one specific area, such as a bathroom, colour is essential in design. Choosing which colours to use and how can make the right elements pop and create a memorable,...

How to Create a Family-Friendly Hotel Design

Being family-friendly may not be a hotelier’s first thought when updating its design, but it should be.  These are common travelers. Even luxury hotels are designing for today’s families.  Travelling with a family is an adventure – as any parent knows.  Help the...


Three Changes that Pack a Big Impact: Bathroom

Welcome back to our series, where we will show you how three small design changes can make a BIG impact in any room. This month is about a very important room- the bathroom. The bathroom is where you can get your inspiration. Ever been hit by a great idea while in...

Connecting Interior Design to Corporate Branding

Corporate branding is a phrase that is used so often, but really, what is branding? Seth Godin said it best… A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or...

Looking Ahead: Design Trends for 2020

It’s almost a new year…and a new decade!  2020 is just around the corner and here at Lesley Wong Interiors, we are so excited for these design trends that will define the new year. From Pantone’s colour of the year (a beautiful, classic blue that we’ve already...

Lesley Wong Interiors for Your Condominium Project

Choosing a designer for any project is a formidable task, but choosing for a condominium project has its own unique set of challenges.  It is a cross-section between the residential and commercial, something that needs to withstand heavy use but feel like home. ...

condominium project interior design

“Lesley and her team were very friendly, professional, and a pleasure to work with. They did a tremendous job preparing our place for the market and took the stress out of the whole process. Thank you for helping us sell our condo!”

Tanya, Toronto

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