Prioritizing Hotel Décor in a Post-COVID world

Before we come on to the post-COVID part of our theme let's start by saying a few words about the importance of prioritizing hotel decor in general. It’s no great revelation to say that there is a close correlation between the quality of a hotel’s interior design...

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Lobbies & Shared Spaces – New Trends

The spirit behind hospitality’s new design trends, especially for lobbies and shared spaces, is rooted in the desire to meet the physical and psychological needs of guests, post-COVID. Above all, there is the need to physically minimize the risk and conceptually...

Hoteliers – Are You Prepared for Post-COVID Travel?

Hoteliers, you likely already know that you are going to have to adapt quickly, intelligently, and effectively to survive and thrive in the ultra-competitive hospitality industry when post-COVID travel begins.  While there is a lot of confidence still that regular...

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Designing a Good Night’s Sleep

F. Scott Fitzgerald said that the worst thing in the world is to try and sleep and not to. I tend to agree with him – there’s no underselling the importance of a good night’s sleep. After sleeping in many hotels, I have seen the best and worst of sleeping away from...

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Looking Outside the Box for Interior Design Inspiration

In thinking about where to find inspiration for interior design, your mind may start and end at magazines or interior design websites.  Of course, that is a great place to look and there are many interior design websites that have great tips and ideas. However,...

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4 Tips for Designing Your Ideal Work from Home Space

Working from home is still relatively new for many of us and we are still finding our groove.  When most of us chose our homes, factors like remote working or virtual schooling were not on our radar!  However, this is the “new normal” and we need spaces that can...

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Commercial Design Trends for 2021

Since 2020 is now behind us, some new ideas and fresh designs are definitely in order. Certainly business owners in the hospitality and commercial sector think so.  With many of us avoiding public spaces lately, as well as the downturn for pretty much any business...

Residential Design Trends for 2021

It could be said that there has never been a more dramatic shift in design requirements in one year than we experienced in 2020.  Interior design magazines and websites have commented on the diverse needs driven by working and learning from home. What 2020 meant...

home design trends

Is Now the Time to Renovate Your Hotel?

We are eight months into the COVID-19 pandemic and the hospitality industry has yet to recover.  These are challenging times.   We understand that hoteliers are struggling.  Spending money on a renovation right now might be a hard pill to swallow.  Is now the time...

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