Are You Creating a Luxury Travel Experience?

by | Jun 21, 2022

Carpe Diem! YOLO! FOMO. What do all of these expressions have in common? They all mean the same thing – Life is short, so let’s make the most of it! After 2 years of lockdowns and staycations, people are ready to get out and start enjoying luxury travel. The question is, is your hotel ready?

Luxury travel is all about moments of pampering. From their arrival to their departure, your guests want to feel special and pampered. Engage their senses to make their stay a truly luxurious experience. Everything your guests see, hear, smell, and touch should exude the luxurious feeling you want to evoke. This article will discuss 3 key areas of your hotel and how you can engage these 4 senses that your guests will notice most.

The Lobby

Your lobby is where your guests meet your brand for the first time. It’s your opportunity to make a first and lasting impression. An inviting lobby makes your guest feel pampered from the minute they cross the threshold.

post-COVID travel


Colour and lighting make a big difference in the feel of your lobby. Use light neutral background colours and rich accent colours along with balanced lighting to create a rich and luxurious atmosphere.  Select artwork, such as paintings and sculptures, that evoke a mood consistent with your brand. Position furniture in such a way that creates intimate zones to encourage gathering. 


Sound can have a profound impact on mood. The right background music at the right volume can entice your guests to linger. The wrong music or the wrong volume can drive your guests away in search of a more relaxing environment. In addition to music, you should also consider other ambient sounds. The trickling of water from fountains, ponds, or other water features can contribute to a peaceful atmosphere. On the other hand, mechanical noises from laundry facilities or other building systems will most definitely detract from a luxury atmosphere.


Nothing can clear a room faster than a strong, offensive odour. Your lobby should smell clean and inviting without overwhelming the senses. Heavy perfumes and air fresheners may cause guests to wonder what you are concealing. More naturally occurring fragrances, such as from plants, freshly brewed coffee, or fresh cookies can evoke a feeling of luxury without assaulting the noses of your guests.


Give thought to what surfaces your guests may touch. These areas need to be easy to clean and yet still feel luxurious. Counters and tables should have a cool, smooth texture. Upholstery should be soft and pleasing to the touch. A variety of textures adds interest to the space.


The bathroom is a small and intimate space. But it is also where luxury is often most appreciated. The average person spends 30 minutes a day in the bathroom. A few small touches can make this time feel like part of the luxury travel experience.


Bathrooms should look clean and spacious, even if they are fairly small. Lighter colours will make a room look and feel larger than dark colours. Well placed mirrors and lights will also trick the eye into thinking the room is bigger.


Bathrooms are famous for having great acoustics. Take advantage of this by using sink and shower designs that capitalize on the soothing sound of running water.


While it is impossible to eliminate all unpleasant odours in the bathroom, there are things that can be done to minimize stench. It may not seem luxurious, but proper ventilation can make the difference between luxury and loathing. The fragrance of any toiletries can also add or detract from a luxurious bathroom experience.


Choose high quality fixtures for the bathroom. The counter, toilet seat, and tub or shower floor should be of materials that are both easy to clean and comfortable to use. For a truly luxurious travel experience be sure to provide towels that are soft, thick, and absorbent.

Guest Rooms

Those seeking luxury travel will take particular note of their room. The guest room is where your guests will likely spend most of their time at your hotel. It is their home base during their travels and should be both comfortable and luxurious. 


Choose bright neutrals paired with rich accents to create a luxurious space. Lighter coloured walls and bedding will provide a nice backdrop for artwork and throw pillows.


Nothing spoils a vacation more than not being able to sleep because the room is too noisy. Unless you are building a hotel from scratch or doing a top to bottom remodel, you likely have no control over how much soundproofing insulation has been installed between rooms. However, you can manage sound transfer by careful furniture positioning, wall coverings and curtains. In addition to sound dampening of outside noises, provide good quality speakers for any in room entertainment options.


Especially in a post COVID travel world, people expect their spaces to smell clean. But no one likes the overwhelming smell of cleaning chemicals in the space they lay their head. Luxury does not smell like a sterile environment; it smells clean and comforting. Scents such as leather, lavender, and vanilla will evoke a sense of luxury.


High quality linens, a supportive mattress, and comfortable pillows are a recipe for a luxurious night’s sleep. Any other furnishings, such as chairs and tables, should likewise have a luxurious feel. Pair upholstery that has soft and pleasing textures, such as leather or velvet, with smooth, finished hardwoods.

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